The Palais du Facteur Cheval at Hauterives in the Drôme

It was inn April 1879, that Ferdinand Cheval launched into his mad enterprise having stumbled on a stone during his postal delivery round.

He devoted 33 years to building his Ideal Palace, gathering his materials in his wheelbarrow. Unclassifiable, this masterpiece of brute art is classified as a historic monument, admired by all artists. Beasts, mythological characters and influences from around the world make up this palace uninhabitable but of incredible architecture. You should also visit his tomb near Hauterives built in the same spirit

Hauterives and the Drome hills

Discover the Drôme whilst hiking on the many trails that dot the region and its unspoilt natural landscape interspersed with magnificent views and viewpoints, lakes and ponds, forests and woods with remarkable trees, as well as a rich religious heritage made up of college, chapels and priories.

Ever active Hauterives

The Drome hills full of activities for the whole family: Labyrinths, tree climbing, vélorail, visit Peaugres Zoo, pond fishing, visit the city of Valrhona chocolate, the Zen garden tour Eric Borja. Good to know, the Hotel Le Relais can loan you some bicycles for your rides.

The Palais Ideal of postman Cheval

Unique in the world, the Ideal Palace has inspired artists for over a century. Independent of any artistic movement, built without any architectural rule, the Ideal Palace has been the admiration of the Surrealists, and was recognized as a work of brute art.